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Chairman Message


Even the word “Impossible” says, I M Possible so, it was little more than passion and inspiration for financial freedom, that inspired me to found Kanwhizz in March 2007.

Along with five founders, I have created Kanwhizz on the four pillars of hard work, integrity, adaptability and pursuing excellence. Over the past 11 years, Kanwhizz Group has come a long way and working tirelessly to build a positive image of the network and direct selling industry. As a Company, we are committed to the social and economic progress of the country, we work in. Our Group values lay in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers and business associates. We don’t do it because it’s trendy; we do it because we believe it’s the right thing to do.
It is a great pleasure to celebrate our success and where we are today. Before anything else, I want to thank and congratulate all those whose hard work and dedication have helped us to achieve this milestone. I would also like to extend my heart felt appreciation to our many loyal business associates, past and present, who have placed their utmost trust in Kanwhizz. Over the last decade, the world has become a very different place. Market has changed, economy has changed and of course the technology also changed.

What has not changed at Kanwhizz, is our commitment to the classic traditional business values as a fantastic network company to work with. As I look back, I found many challenges we faced but; at the same time we made some important and visionary decisions for our continuous growth.

I believe that the significant achievement of our past objectives, we pave the way to even greater accomplishments in the future. As a chairman of Kanwhizz Group, I will commit to those very same values to open out next chapter of success. Traditional, prudent and sound business practices supported by positive mode of thinking and strategic diversification, is our future action plan.

We at Kanwhizz, are striving very hard to reach the pinnacle of success in the business world and one day, this will surely happen. In other's eye our journey is an epitome of success. The growth of our Company is based on an efficient planning and Entrepreneurial Management. Today Kanwhizz Group has a very rich history of success in network industry, and takes pride in its commitments to remain at the leading edge in the sector. Now we are well positioned to capture a sizable portion of the market concern and make substantial contribution to the nation’s development. Drawing on years of experience, innovative new ideas, Kanwhizz Group continues to forge new pathways on its journey towards unimagined success. We have only one growth strategy, “Work Hard”.

So we don’t stop, we blaze our own path. We inspire those around us to action. We motivate others to reach their potential. We embrace success. At Kanwhizz, Sunlight of opportunities never sets off so; let’s fuel the growth of our own vision and purpose. Let’s roll out the red carpet of success, walk through it, work together and grow together to realize our goals. Your success will always define our success. Change is coming and it’s going to be big. Now it’s your time to dream BIG. We hope, you are ready.

I look forward to the future with fond memories and great expectations.

Kanhaiya Gulati

Chairman Kanwhizz Group